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Interprofessional Education


Learning about patient and client care together


When you or a loved one are sick or injured, you seek the best team of healthcare professionals to help you recover. Quality healthcare comes as a result of cohesive teamwork.


Interprofessional education is how Boise State Health Sciences students learn to work together utilizing their specific clinical skills and knowledge to provide personalized care safely and confidently. Interprofessional teams enhance the quality of patient care, lower costs, decrease patients' length of stay, and reduce medical errors.


In the complex time of COVID-19, developing interprofessional collaboration is more important than ever.


Interprofessional collaboration is an educational method where students from two or more professions learn about, from, and with each other to build teamwork skills and ultimately improve health outcomes for their patients. By practicing interprofessional collaboration from the beginning of their education, students learn how to perform as an effective team member and prepare to translate this critical skill into caring for their future patients and clients.


Our students are learning how to adapt to the dynamic climate of today’s healthcare landscape. With your support, we can provide Boise State Health Sciences students with the opportunities and tools necessary to be quality professionals that drive care excellence.


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Ways to Give



  • Fills a resource bag to introduce interprofessional definitions and concepts to a student


  • Equips a student with advanced educational materials to assist with interprofessional learning.


  • Gives a group of students the opportunity to work collaboratively as a team to solve puzzles while in an education based “Escape Room.”


  • Gives a student the opportunity to present interprofessional research at Boise State Student Research Showcases.


  • Provide a student scholarship to participate in an interprofessional program within the state of Idaho.


  • Funds teaching-research grants to develop and implement new Interprofessional Education Learning Activities within the College of Health Sciences

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