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The MakerLab is a place where people make connections - we create an environment for students, staff, and faculty to form a community through the use of emerging technologies. With the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration, they connect their passions and ideas to create new services, products, and ideas always in an effort to benefit the social good. 


Together, we've reached great heights! Some of the projects we've created in the MakerLab include 3D printing PPE (personal protective equipment) amidst the COVID-19 crisis, adaptations for special education students, motorized prosthetic arms, creating adaptive technology for paralyzed individuals, 3D printing an army of geese wiht positive messages to improve mental health, and making materials to help visually impaired users understand content. 


We empower our users through making to enhance their lives and improve their communities. We make for the social good and with your support, we can make a difference!


Make us Happy: $5

Every $5 donation will cover the cost of one student to make their own 3D print.


Make some Good: $10

Every $10 donation will pay for a student to have a one-hour, in-depth consultation with our MakerLab team to discuss designing for the social good.


Make a Student's Day: $25

Every $25 donation will purchase a new roll of filament from the local company Precision 3D.


Make it Work: $50

Every $50 donation allows us to buy the parts we use to help students learn how to repair and improve 3D printers.


Make it Bronco Proud: $100

Every $100 donation pays for a class to gain in-depth knowledge of 3D printing and design.


Make the World Accessible: $200

Every $200 covers the parts for a robotic arm.


Make it Beautiful: $500

Every $500 donation will help contribute to buying new, emerging technologies for Boise State students, faculty, and staff to use in the MakerLab.

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