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Hazard and Climate Resilience Institute


The Hazard and Climate Resilience Institute (HCRI) is a community of researchers and practitioners dedicated to improving society's resilience to natural hazards and the impacts of a changing climate.


The HCRI defines community resilience as "the capacity of a community to prepare for, respond and adapt to, and recover from an adverse event or condition. The ability for a community to thrive." They recognize that they cannot have resilient communities without having resilient people living within those communities. Thus, any effort to improve a community's resilience to natural or man-made hazards would be limited without also considering other dimensions of resilience, such as the health and well-being of our citizens, social connectedness, economic prosperity, and strong leadership.


The HCRI is dedicated to exploring the multi-dimensional nature of resilience through integration of disciplinary expertise and strong community partnerships. They will advance science while simultaneously promoting real world change. The HCRI strives to break down disciplinary and cross-jurisdictional silos to foster regional collaborations for a resilient society.


See how your gift will help the HCRI promote resilience locally, across Idaho, and beyond:

$10: Student registration at Resilience Conference

$50-100: Printing informational materials (brochures motivating membership, Resilience Conference flyers)

$100: Support our graduate students who maintain and improve the COVID-19 Map for Idaho (available in English and Spanish): 

$300: Design costs for Institute marketing materials, which aim to increase membership or advertise our Resilience Conference

$100-500: Support an Undergraduate Research Project focused on some aspect of promoting community resilience (e.g., mapping changes to the river after flood events; groundwater contamination studies; perception of hazard and risk studies)

$25-500: Support our first bi-annual Resilience Conference, which will bring together community practitioners and our university population to share ideas and projects that promote community resilience

$1,000+: Support a Graduate Research Project focused on some aspect of promoting community resilience (e.g., flood plain on air quality studies; economic impact of hazard events in Idaho; social science studies focused on hazard perceptions and preparedness behavior)


Talkin' Broncos


Did you know that Boise State University's Talkin' Broncos is the most successful comprehensive speech and debate team in the nation? Help us to maintain this well-earned tradition!


The team is celebrating the success of a fifth-consecutive Pi Kappa Delta national title and the ninth-consecutive Mahaffey Memorial Tournament Championship, but needs your help so that members can focus on preparation and performance.


How your gift can help:

$10-25: Feed a Talkin' Bronco during competition

$50-100: Host end-of-year banquet

$250-500: Send the Talkin' Broncos traveling to an away tournament

$500-1,000: Recruit a talented and proven transfer student



Bronco Gap Year:


In this unique and challenging moment, Boise State invented a new kind of educational experience to support students: the Bronco Gap Year.


A “gap year” allows students to take time off before starting college, or to take a time-out during their college experience. Taking time off allows students to work, travel, volunteer, or care for family. While gap year experiences are valuable, it can be hard for students to return to college. That’s why we created the Bronco Gap Year.


Our approach to the gap year allows students to have a flexible schedule, while staying connected to Boise State and making progress toward their degree. Students are connected to a support network that includes a faculty member, current student, career counselor, advisor, and academic coach. They can explore their interests, gain hands-on experience, and earn Boise State credit.


We know that the Bronco Gap Year experience can have a transformative impact on students—especially students who are struggling. We want to make sure that this opportunity is available to all students.


Through your gift, you are helping to build a scholarship fund that will increase access to the Bronco Gap Year experience for students with financial constraints. Your gift helps to cover their program fee so that they can receive the support they need in order to thrive at Boise State.

To learn more about our innovative approach to the gap year experience, visit:


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