Diversity and Inclusion


Casita Neplanta


Casita Nepantla is a space on campus that showcases Latino art and culture and encourages scholarly work on Latino and Latin American issues. Although the Latino population in Idaho is growing, there is a dearth of scholarly research that explores the important contributions Latino creatives are making to Idaho’s contemporary cultural scene. This critical absence inhibits greater community cohesion between the general public and the fastest-growing demographic in the American west. Supporting Casita Nepantla will allow their mission to grow and their commitment to Boise State and the greater community to expand and enrich Idaho.


Resiliency Room


As an issue that had originally been brought up by Kuwait and Saudi Arabian students at Boise State almost six years ago, the need for a private, accessible place to pray is not a new topic. Since then, the Inclusive Excellence Student Council took the idea of the need for a prayer space and did what we do best, made it more inclusive. 


The Resiliency Room will be a place for students of all origins and beliefs to meditate, pray, reflect, and/or simply breathe. 


With that, we need your help to make sure this space is filled with the proper materials to adequately function as an environment that prioritizes mindfulness for everyone. The importance of mental health has often been historically overlooked, so the Resiliency Room will aim to cater to this aspect that our university needs to fulfill for our students, staff, and faculty. 


With your donations, we will be able to provide a safe and clean environment with materials to help folks recenter themselves and nourish their well being in order to take on the future of tomorrow.


Gender Equity Center


The Gender Equity Center is a campus department which offers interactive, educational programs; confidential, no-cost support services; and ways for students to build community.  Your contributions will help us to reach even more folks through programs for campus and community members that focus on: healthy relationships, fostering LGBTQIA+ supportive communities, understanding identities, and serving victims of violent crimes.


Equity and Inclusion Opportunity Fund 


“We recognize that our success is dependent on how well we value, engage, include, and utilize the rich diversity of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni. We are fully committed to treating all stakeholders with dignity
and respect, and to working collectively on an ongoing basis to build and maintain a community that understands, celebrates, and values diversity, and expects and fosters inclusivity at all levels.”

The Equity and Inclusion Opportunity fund will build and maintain a community that understands, celebrates, and values diversity and inclusion by offering students, staff, and faculty the chance to apply for funding to support projects aimed at deepening their understanding of how we can best serve our community.




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