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GradWell supports graduate student wellness through education, resources, and by fostering graduate student community connections at Boise State. This partnership program between the Graduate College and Counseling Services allows graduate students access to individual, family, and/or group counseling sessions. GradWell also provides graduate student and faculty training focused on graduate student wellness topic, including work-life balance, advising relationships, imposter syndrome, and crisis concerns.


Access to mental health and wellness resources fosters success in academics and beyond! By donating to this fund you can help graduate students maintain healthy and dynamic learning experiences.


Graduate Student Emergency Fund

This fund provides financial assistance to Boise State University graduate students who are in danger from withdrawing due to unanticipated, temporary financial hardships resulting from emergency or crisis situations (e.g., accident, illness, death of a family member). Graduate students can face unique challenges to finishing their degrees and these funds are awarded as grants to help alleviate short-term financial needs.

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