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The Boise State Alumni Association supports our past and present Broncos through the Alumni Legacy Scholarship. This competitive four-year scholarship covers in-state fees to celebrate family traditions of attending Boise State University. By supporting the Legacy Scholarship, you’re supporting the next generation of the Bronco family.



The Alumni Legacy Scholarship is a four-year, renewable scholarship for incoming freshman available to the relative of a Boise State alumna or alumnus, who is a current member of the Boise State Alumni Association. The scholarship amount is equal to in-state fees during the fall and spring semester.



Bronco Family Scholarship Endowment Agreement:


Here at Boise State University we believe in second chances!


Life sometimes can happen and students who are trying to achieve their educational dreams can fall short. However through the Bronco Family Scholarship Endowment Agreement these students can get the chance to come back to school and give it a second try.    

This annual scholarship of $1000.00 is awarded to students every year to help them be able to have another chance at an education. 


With a maximum of 3.5 GPA this scholarship is one that is more assembled to students who may not be eligible for other scholarships. This scholarship allows for students who have left the school to be able to return.  



Intercollegiate Knight's IMPACT Scholarship  


The Intercollegiate Knight's IMPACT Scholarship is about a student's success at Boise State.


“Your life has purpose. Your story is important. Your dreams count. Your voice matters. You were born to make an impact.” —Rae Smith


This scholarship is designed for students who have experienced foster care and/or homelessness? The Impact Scholars Program is here to support their success by offering individualized support, connections to campus and community resources and access to scholarships.


The Impact Scholars Program aims to:Engage Impact Scholars in academics, campus life and leadership development to help students take full advantage of college. Support Impact Scholars with financial planning, academic assistance and mentorships to promote retention and well-being. Equip Impact Scholars to achieve educational and career goals by creating opportunities for networking, civic engagement and scholarships.


Give today and help a student make an impact!

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