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Diane Moore Nature Center: IBO on the River


IBO is expanding its reach by establishing an outdoor nature center in SE Boise along the Boise River near Highway 21. The goals of this community project are:


1) Habitat restoration. Improve fish habitat and water quality, improve riparian habitat, restore shrub-steppe updands and create pollinator gardens.

2) Provide human access. Develop gravel trails with elevated boardwalks, wildlife viewing structures and interpretive signs. Improve river access for fishing.

3) Develop year-round education programs. Host K-12 students, university students and the public to the site annually as a part of a formal outdoor community education outreach program.



Have you felt the pulse of a hummingbird heartbeat on your palm? Do you know that we’ve banded thousands of hummingbirds and some of those same Idaho birds have been recaptured near Mexico? Or that a male Calliope Hummingbird weighs the same as a dime? Though our hummingbird project is primarily research-driven, we also love getting the community involved to see the science that we do! Kids and adults both delight in the opportunity to see these gems up close and personal, to feel the heartbeat, and to release these hummingbirds back into the wild. To hold a hummingbird in your hand is something people of all ages will remember, and we hope that the connection and conservation ideals will carry forward throughout their whole life. If we open anyone’s eyes and heart to appreciating and respecting nature, then our work has incredible meaning.

This project is largely funded through donations – your donation will go directly towards the hummingbird project and allow us to continue this project in 2020. The more donations we receive, the more public banding days we can offer. If you’d like to be part of one, two or even more (!) banding days next summer, please know that your donation will go directly towards making this a reality. We can't do it without your financial support. Be sure to sign up for one of our upcoming hummingbird banding dates in 2020 – we’d love to see you there!



With the use of satellite transmitters, the IBO has discovered that poaching is a much bigger issue than initially thought. Almost 50% of curlews fitted with satellite transmitters between 2013-2017 have been confirmed as poaching fatalities in SW Idaho!

The Intermountain Bird Observatory (IBO) is partnering with many state and federal agencies and conservation groups to increase awareness and help stop the decline of the Long-billed Curlew. Since its start in 2017, our Hunter’s Education outreach “Know Your Target” program has reached 200+ participants (adults and children) throughout the Treasure Valley! This engaging programming teaches students not only how fascinating curlews and other protected species are, but also the importance of knowing your target and what it means to be an ethical hunter. It is our hope to continue this work to help students become good stewards of the land. Your contributions today will help us reach more students than ever with this important message!


Lucky Peak

Our Lucky Peak research station is IBO's longest running project (since 1993!) and one that is near and dear to the hearts of many who have visited, volunteered, or camped out at this research station in the woods. A generation of young scientists have now gotten their start at Lucky Peak through our internship and field trip programs, going on to become great conservationists, scientists, and educators in the field! Each year, we host thousands of visitors at Lucky Peak, sharing with them the conservation science and monitoring work we do every day. From crowds of tiny Ruby-crowned Kinglets, to a swooping Cooper's Hawk, to the blinking eyes of a Saw-whet Owl, Lucky Peak provides a connection with nature and unforgettable memories to all who visit. But we can't continue this project without your help! Our work at Lucky Peak is funded by your donations.

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