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While the fall semester looks much different for 2020, the Blue Thunder has been working hard since August 10th! The band has been practicing in smaller units, all while being a part of what is by far the largest marching band in the history of Boise State University. The logistics have been complicated, but students remain dedicated to their musicianship and performance abilities while following the many protocols that have been put in place for the safety of everyone involved.


Questions related to Covid entering the season: Do we need masks for each individual player, and are they required to wear them before, during and after rehearsals?  Do we need bell covers for the wind instruments?  Can students fill up their own water bottles, or should we provide 64 ounce water jugs for each individual to use throughout the entirety of a rehearsal?  The answer: Yes, to all of the above!! Nearly 180 bell covers were purchased, hundreds of masks were made or purchased, as well as water jugs for rehearsals which were much needed as we experienced the hottest camp on record.


 With the much-needed support from your 2019 Bronco Giving Day contributions, the Blue Thunder provided just over 3,600 meals during camp for the largest band to ever step foot on campus! Your contributions will continue to provide meals for whatever season may emerge in the spring semester and/or our 2021 Blue Thunder camp.


Similar to years past, any and all support will be matched dollar-for-dollar with no limit to the dollar amount! 

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