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Support a Sustainable Future


Boise State Sustainability annually activates over 250 volunteers, connects with 35 community partners, and provides 20 action-based internship opportunities on campus. Through the Celebrate Earth Day events, every April over 150 students, staff, and community partners unite for a week filled with activities around meaningful connections dedicated to deepening our understanding of human-environmental systems and provide solution-oriented workshops to develop a vision for a sustainable future through innovation, collaboration, and thoughtful design. These activities provide a space for students to explore their passion for environmental conservation and social justice, and connect that passion to action through round-table discussions and networking events with Boise State alumni and industry professionals. Throughout the events, the tables turn as students showcase their work and lead presentations on the meaningful projects they are doing in our community. Your generous donation will help us continue Celebrate Earth Day programs and provide more leadership opportunities for our innovative and ambitious students. 



Campus Beautification


If you have ever taken the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll through Boise State’s campus, you cannot deny the campus beauty and pristine landscaping. Thankfully the university has dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to ensure the natural beauty of our campus. Your gift to the campus beautification fund today will help ensure Boise State’s campus beauty be preserved for years to come.


All donations to the Campus Beautification fund will go directly to support innovative landscaping and groundskeeping initiatives, as well as ensure the beautification of our campus with future projects!


Campus Art Collection


Founded by employees, the University Art Collection Fund promises to make the University’s permanent art collection available to students, faculty, and campus partners—for research, for exhibition, and sometimes just for fun. With your financial generosity, we can preserve and/or conserve works in the collection that are in need of care before they are made available throughout campus.

Think about your priceless photo albums with yellowing pages and photos that are brittle because of the striped adhesive and plastic overlay.  Or the paint that has faded around artworks hanging in your living room because of the sun. We want to prevent these historic and natural conditions from affecting University-owned artwork so that whether students are studying in the library or coding their next project in the Computer Science building, their spaces and so their scholarship can be enhanced by the art collection.

Your support also ensures that the University is able to purchase and protect future acquisitions. As the campus grows, as the student body grows, there is more demand for art in student spaces. With your help, we can do our part to help create the campus they are asking for.

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