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What does INJUSTICE look like?


The Idaho Innocence Project at Boise State University is part of an international network of organizations that correct and prevent wrongful convictions.


We stand for justice by standing up for the innocent through litigation, investigation, research and education. We use cutting-edge DNA analysis under the supervision of world-renowned forensic biologist Dr. Greg Hampikian, our executive director; and legal work by our team of volunteer attorneys and professional investigators.  They are assisted by interns from Boise State, the University of Idaho Law School, and Concordia Law School, as well as visiting lawyers from as far away as Ireland.  We stand for justice, no matter how long it takes


We get dozens of letters every year from innocent citizens imprisoned in Idaho asking for our help. With your help, we will keep standing up for them.


STAND WITH US for the innocent.

For justice -

For hope.


We stood with Sara Pearce for 7 years till she was FREED March 14th, 2014 after serving 12 ½ years.

We stood with Paul Jenkins and Freddie Joe Lawrence along with the Montana Innocence Project, and FREED them after 20 years (in 2018), producing DNA evidence that led to a new suspect.
We stood with Christopher Tap for 12 years, till he was FREED on March 22, 2017 (after serving 20 years), and fully exonerated this year.  We also worked with the police in his case, helping to develop DNA evidence that led to a new suspect through forensic genealogy. 

To see more exonerations assisted by Dr. Hampikian's Boise State DNA Laboratory
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