BroncoFit is here to help each Boise State student reach their full potential and thrive. Our wellness programs and resources enhance a student’s university experience today and help them to succeed throughout their lives as alumni.


We believe Boise State can be the healthiest learning environment in the nation. BroncoFit Peer Health Educators work with wellness staff to make that happen. “Peer Eds” are students trained to connect the student body with wellness information and activities in eight dimensions to balance their unique social and academic needs:


  • Physical

  • Emotional

  • Social

  • Intellectual

  • Occupational

  • Spiritual

  • Financial

  • Environmental


The health and wellbeing of the Boise State community is more important than ever.


You can help by donating to support the work of BroncoFit Peer Educators and staff:   


$10 for 1 2-serving BroncoFit Learn to Cook meal kit to increase cooking skills and access to balanced, budget-friendly meals for students


$25 for 1 virtual mindfulness session for up to 300 students


$50 for 1 tailored wellness education program for 25 students 


$100 for 1 peer educator to design and implement wellness programs for a week 


$225 for 1 student to take a 7-week BroncoFit cooking class


$250 for a BroncoFamily Table family-style meal for 20 students


$500 for a 4 week wellness challenge for over 100 residential students, covering the 8-dimensions of wellness


$1000 to help build the BroncosGrow campus garden, including adding a greenhouse and shed


$2000 for 1 peer educator to complete one semester of on-the-job health promotion outreach 


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