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Help prepare students to create positive change in the world.

Alternative Breaks
Alternative Breaks allow Boise State students to make the most of their time away from campus during academic breaks.

Students travel, meet new people, and feel the satisfaction that comes from working to improve communities and lives on a local, regional, and international scale. When they return to campus, they have renewed enthusiasm for community service and become catalysts for social change.

Hundreds of students participate in Alternative Breaks, however, there are just as many who would like to volunteer, but are unable because they lack the money to pay their way. The funding we raise through Bronco Giving will help more students to participate by providing need-based scholarships and reducing the overall cost of the experiences.

The following alternative breaks were offered to Boise State students last year:

  • Access to Opportunity in Los Angeles, CA
  • Animal Advocacy and Rehabilitation in Kanab, UT
  • Commitment to Community in Boise, ID
  • Environmental Sustainability in Zion National Park, UT
  • Fighting Hunger in Boise, ID

Partnership Jamaica
A participant in the Access to Opportunity trip last spring had this to say:

“My alternative spring break experience was exhausting but so necessary to my time as a student, and even just as a human being for that matter. Seeing a completely different culture and set of people with such different opportunities and challenges absolutely changed my entire perspective. ”

Student Emergency Fund
The Student Emergency Fund helps students who are hit with unexpected financial hardships and may be in danger of withdrawing. In the past four years, more than $70,000 has been distributed to 187 students who have struggled with housing payments, emergency situations, and moments of crisis.

Your donation will increase this fund so we can grant larger allocations to help even more students when they find themselves with urgent financial needs. Students tell us what a relief it is to be able to stop worrying about finances and focus on why they’re at Boise State to begin with.

“Jenny” moved into a shelter to escape domestic violence at home. Her broken down car needed repairs so she could get to and from campus. Money from the emergency fund allowed her to move out of the shelter into a subsidized living situation, plus covered the car repair payment.

“Chris” found herself on her own financially as a result of a divorce right before she headed into her final semester at Boise State. She worked two jobs to help pay rent, utilities and a needed car repair, but quickly realized she couldn't be successful in her classes, work 40+ hours a week, and take care of her daughter. The Student Emergency Fund helped her pay her utility and covered the cost of the car repair so she could drive safely again. She graduated in December with a criminal justice degree.

Another student said, "I am grateful for the Student Emergency Fund and found it encouraging to be treated with respect and with concern during a high-stress time.”

Food Pantry
Eight out of 10 students worry about being able to afford food on a monthly basis, and a study by the Idaho Policy Institute found more than 40 percent of Boise State students have experienced some form of food insecurity, or not knowing where their next meal will come from, during their time on campus.

The Food Pantry provides free nutritious meal kits (complete with recipe ingredients and instructions) and snacks to students in need. An average of 14 students per week drop in to pick up a meal or snack to get them through the week – no questions asked. Of the students who have used the food pantry, 64% live off campus, and 71% are Idaho residents.

Your donation will help expand the pantry to include a wider selection of food so we can help more students struggling to get the food they need. Here’s what one student who has used the food pantry had to say:

“I’ve been in seven times this semester. I’m a mom with three teen boys who eat a lot and this resource has been a significant help. Please know that I’m grateful to all who participate in making this possible.”

“The food pantry is like a scholarship I choose to accept. Every time I go in there, it allows me to stay in my monthly budget so that I can continue education and not have to choose between food and providing for my family.  Someday I will be able to reverse that role and return the favor to my community.”

Student Leadership Development Fund
The Student Leadership Development Fund is designed to provide scholarships for students to attend the LeaderShape Institute, a six-day experience that offers a unique opportunity to develop a healthy disregard for the impossible.

Participation in LeaderShape is free, but due to the six-day time commitment, many students cannot afford to take the time off work to attend. This need-based scholarship will enable more students to share in a transformative experience.

Here's what a past participant had to say about his experience:

“My time at LeaderShape allowed me to meet many great people and get in touch with the way I wish to bring about positive change in the world. I am proud to be a part of this community of change agents, supporting and challenging one another to live in a world of possibility! I am proud to say I am a LeaderShape graduate!”

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1 ID 71
2 CA 6
3 WA 4
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10 Honors College 2
11 College of Health Sciences 1
12 Andrus Center 1
13 Fraternity and Sorority Life 1
14 College of Innovation and Design 1
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17 Student Life 1
18 Boise State Public Radio 1
19 Volleyball - Womens 1
20 Baseball 0
21 Basketball - Womens 0
22 College of Business and Economics 0
23 College of Education 0
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